Frequently Asked Questions

Who will cover the mystery? Are you taking pictures with a second photographer?

I photograph exclusively myself and with my wife Nikoleta, who works as a second photographer if necessary.                  

How many hours do you work on wedding day?

We usually work ten to twelve hours depending on how many hours you will need on your wedding day.

What is your photographic style?

We want our photos to be spontaneous. To capture emotions and expressions of the moment.We try not to disturb or interfere on the day of the mystery. That’s why we let things evolve naturally.

Do you offer albums?

Our approach and the reason we photograph is to capture your memories in a handmade album. For this reason, we include a handmade album in all options we give, but without this being something binding.

Do you take photos outside Patras?

We love traveling and want to explore new destinations. We have photographed outside Patras and we will be happy to continue as such.

Do you offer video services?

We decided not to have video services. We consider the specialization of each professional in his field very important. But we can help you by suggesting great videographers.

When should I close my photographer?

Usually the research should start a year earlier. This is to make it available to the professionals you choose to work with.

How can I book the date and what is the payment method?

The date is bound by the signing of a private contract and 30% of the agreed fee is paid. At least seven days before the agreed ceremony date 30% of the agreed wage is prepaid and full payment of the total fee 40% is effected by delivery to the couple of photographs in high resolution.

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